KÖBO ECO>PROCESS conveying technology for chip processing

To process chips optimally for recycling and selling, KÖBO ECO>PROCESS recommends the application of chip crushers. They are particularly effective for crushing of long chips and chip bundles. Chips centrifuges are designed for drying of chips and recovery of cooling lubricants.

Chip crushing

Various types of chip crushers have been engineered by Köbo for the purpose of controlled chip shredding. Depending on the chip amount, a single shaft or dual shaft crushers, or rather centrally arranged mill and impact crushers have to be integrated into the plant. Due to the process of shredding, the subsequent process of drying of crushed chips can follow. Moreover, volume of chips decreases considerably which impacts positively their further transport.

Chip drying

The quantity of chips and the properties of cooling lubricants (e.g. material and type) are decisive for the design of centrifuges required for chip drying. The drying process leads to the reduction of the residual moisture up to 2%. As a result, the transport of drip-free chips can be ensured.  The cooling lubricant recovered during this treatment can be further used in the processing machinery. 

Oil extraction by briquetting presses

If oil has to be extracted from oily grinding sludge or tiny chip particles, the briquetting presses should be applied.  

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