Scrap transport

KÖBO ECO>PROCESS GmbH is one of the leading mechanical engineering companies in the field of filter and conveying technology!

We have made it our business to support our customers in the demand-oriented planning, realization and commissioning of their plant.

Our customers benefit from our expert knowledge and first-class service throughout Europe. For example, KÖBO ECO>PROCESS has currently designed and installed a conveyor system consisting of slat-band conveyors and swivel chutes in Eastern Europe to ensure homogeneous loading of different materials.

The plant is equipped with a fully automatic loading system, which enables the sorted removal of punching scrap from forming processes, for example aluminum or steel. A total of 4 different types of material can be processed at the presses, which can be collected by type in 4 roll-off containers.

Material tracking ensures that the changeovers always take place at the right moment and that no mixed scrap is produced.

The total transport distance is approx. 470 meters and is distributed over a total of 11 conveyor belts, each with a belt width of 1500 mm.

It is thus possible to transport up to 30 tons of punching scrap within one hour!

The safety requirements for loading have been achieved by means of safety fences and safety gates, which do not allow access until loading has been safely stopped.